NYC Shrink Wrapping provides Roof Shrink Wrapping in New York City


Protect your investments from the elements such as weather and animals by shrink wrapping them.

Roof Shrink Wrapping

If you’re having your roof replaced, worked on, or if it sustained some damage, shrink wrapping is a great way to keep it and the rest of your house protected from the elements. NYC Shrink Wrapping experts will get up on the roof, wrap it, and protect it while you’re waiting for the job to be done or started.

Our shrink wrapping standards are second to none, so if you are suddenly in need of protection while your roof is being fixed, contact NYC Shrink Wrapping for help.


When it’s time to wrap outdoor hotel furniture, grills, pool equipment, we’ll handle the heavy lifting

Beach and Pool Clubs

As the summer months come to an end, make sure your furniture and equipment are protected

Condos and Apartments

NYC Shrink Wrapping provides shrink wrapping services for complexes all over New York City

Transport and Delivery

Whether you’re transporting a vintage vehicle or a trailer full of cargo, we’ll cover you up